Profesionálny solárny systém

Naša spoločnosť, ktorej cieľom je zvýšiť využívanie obnoviteľných zdrojov energie, pomáha ľuďom vo využívaní čistej energie zo slnka. Po inštalácii fotovoltického systému a uvedení do prevádzky naša spoločnosť – eNeR house vykonáva v určitých časoch jej údržbu a príp. opravy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions on solar energy.

    What is solar energy?
    Solar Systems; They are systems established to operate based on the electricity produced by solar panels, where it is instantly consumed without storing it and the surplus is given to the grid.
    Is solar energy good?
    Solar energy is a 100% clean, renewable energy source. It reduces the dependency on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity generation. These fossil fuels produce harmful emissions that affect air, water and soil quality and are responsible for global warming.
    Why solar energy?
    Eco-Friendly: Solar energy, which is one of the renewable energy sources, does not emit harmful radiation, smoke, sulfur, gas and carbon monoxide to the environment. In this respect, it is described as environmentally friendly and clean energy.
    Is solar energy profitable?
    Solar panels are one of the most important details to reduce high energy costs. At the same time, income can be obtained by selling the energy produced in excess of the consumption.
    What is wind energy?
    Wind energy is a renewable energy type that produces electricity by converting the kinetic energy (motion energy) of the air into electricity via wind turbines.

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